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Part of you longed for a Dynasty wedding to send it off to TV’s Elysian Fields, or at least something apocalyptic involving firearms.

But then that only reminded you that ER has been there, done that, and that any attempts to top Rocket Romano’s helicopter moment, or the death of Greene, or the career birth of George Clooney, or the live episode, or the Ray Liotta solo episode, would be pointless.

On ER they got a quick mention in triage; on Britain’s Got Talent they’d be through to the final. Carter (Noah Wyle) finally got to open the Joshua Carter Medical Center, named after his dead son.

The ceremony was a handy plot device that enabled Wells to assemble a virtual Madame Tussauds of ER grandees – Eriq La Salle, Thandie Newton, Alex Kingston and Sherry Stringfield all popped in to wave goodbye.

As previously reported, “Murder in the First” has also been renewed for its third season…

Sneak Peek new key art promoting the second season premiere of the British Columbia-lensed "Falling Skies", airing June 17, 2012."Falling Skies' debuted June 2011, with 8 million total viewers, ranking it as cable's top series launch in 2011, averaging 6.4 million total viewers in its first three episodes.

Instead, last night’s closer was admirably restrained, opting for the usual multifarious storylines intertwined to perfection: a man with Aids dying of cancer; a punch-up at a wedding between a mother- and daughter-in-law (the bride); and a priapic pensioner who couldn’t afford Viagra, and so had effected his own solution.

Incredibly, there was still time for a man with testicular pain (courtesy of a pommel horse), a woman who’d torched her finger making a crème brûlée and “the hallucinating trombone guy”.

'Extra' went along with Noah Wyle -- the summer after 'ER' became wildly popular.

She played Riley Grant on the Disney Channel series The Famous Jett Jackson (and Agent Hawk in the show-within-a-show Silverstone) and Claudia on Relic Hunter and A. Booth has starred in a number of television series earlier in her career.

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