Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating properly

I thought maybe it was because the window didn't have focus so I tried opening it modally: , and the new content of the text field will actually be drawn on screen.However, since you're in a long-running loop, you're not allowing the main event loop to run and the windows don't get an opportunity to display if needed.The fact that it logs "(null)", means that the outlet is not (yet) connected.When your XIB file gets loaded, the outlets are not immediately connected.

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You should consider finding another way to structure your app.I am just starting out in x Code and I have built a very simple (mac, not i Phone) app that pops up a window with a text field, a label and a button.I can get the app to pop up a message box with the string value of the text box, but I can't seem to set the string value of the text field with some default text.The code I am using to try to populate the text field is: the set string method is the only method that looks like it should set the value of the box.The program runs with no errors and when I click on the button, no error's are thrown.

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