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With a plethora of varied attractions, shimmering beaches and a pulsating nightlife visitors are never short of activities in the charming capital.You are sure to find convenient flights to Tel Aviv with Condor on your next trip.Now scientists have revealed a laundry list of errors and problems that commonly take place during the heat of the moment.The researchers from four universities, including the University of Southampton, said while much attention had been given to how consistently condoms are used, far fewer investigations have looked at user error.Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”― Samuel P.Condoms are 98 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections - but only if you use them properly.This new location actually contained the sound stages which were used for filming office interiors for the show, plus other sets.In this two-hour episode, Mc Garrett is in charge of supervising a deadly toxin which has been shipped to the University of Hawaii for biomedical research.

Capital Tel Aviv is also the financial heart of the country.

Using the glorious late afternoon light and waiting for someone inside to lean in and emerge from the shadows, the click of the camera shutter reverses the “show” and captures those looking out in a split second of time.

The expressions and emotions captured are unfiltered and raw.

Five-O's offices were moved across the street to the Territorial Building.

Original air dates are taken from information supplied by the Iolani Palace Irregulars and Karen Rhodes' Booking Five-O. In this ninth season opener, Five-O is seen moving out of the Iolani Palace, which, in real life, was undergoing renovations connected with the American bicentennial.

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