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The problem is that the Writeable Bitmap was modified via pointers to its memory in unsafe code since image data was being copied into the pixel buffer. "); Have a look at https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.sendkeys.send(v=vs.110)for more information....This didn't trigger a binding update since the object bound wasn't really updated. That being said, it may cause some unexpected behavior when editing. c#,.net,windows,sendkeys I believe you need to use: Send Keys. c#,.net,visual-studio-2013,.net-framework-version The targeted . NET version is the only version that the app will depend upon by default. c#,wpf,idataerrorinfo You can implement your Optional Phone Attribute based on the original Phone Attribute: public sealed class Optional Phone Attribute : Validation Attribute { public override bool Is Valid(object value) { var phone = new Phone Attribute(); //return true when the value is null or empty //return original Is Valid value only when value is not null or empty return... Get Custom Attribute c#,.net,types,casting The compiler sees the T2 and T identifiers and helpfully informs you that those types seem unrelated.Otherwise, build the library and the form, in that order.

c#,asynchronous,synchronous Callbacks are independent as they're invoked on the thread-pools IO completion workers. c#,asp.net,iis There are several domain providers like: godaddy, name etc you can use to buy a domain name. c#,asp.net,active-directory try this: var login Name = @"login Name Of Interested User"; var ldap = new Directory Entry("LDAP://domain.something.com"); var search = new Directory Searcher(ldap) ; var result = search. Command Text = "INSERT INTO tb_mitarbeiter (Vorname, id, projectnummber....) VALUES (? Change your textbox validation function to return a bool, and use that in Validate All to determine whether or not... However the C# compiler does provide Equals, Get Hash Code, and To String implementations. Equals, method which will do the appropriate null checks and then call... In a simple scenario, you can put user controls inside an update panel and they will be refreshed when the contents of the update panel are updated. The employee-list user control stores the ID of the selected employee in view state. This is so lame, and I'm so tired trying to find what is the problem! I found while dropping the control, adds in the designr initialization about the backcolor. After adding a control to a designer in the same project, you should delete this reference. You mean adding a custom control in same solution but from different project should add a reference from the control's library? If you mean something like self referencing, i don't see anything like this, which is kinda impossible to happen!!! The Back Color property you set in the control designer and the Back Color property you set in the Form designer is the same property, the the one in the control designer acting as the default.

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