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I am working on my previous application so most of the code is the same.If you are a new viewer then you must add two Textboxes and a Button to your application. Now with 1.11.0, no matter if I enter a valid value like 10, 15, 20, etc..., it barks at me telling that the value must be between 0 and 150.Here's the HTML code generated: By replacing new versions of js libraries with old ones I figured out that the problem is indeed in jquery.library.When there is two date fields in a page like From Date & To Date , then generally arises a requirement to show a message that From Date can not be greater than To Date or, something like that.This is required when the user inputs a greater date in the From Date field than To Date.How many times you have seen this message on websites?

In this form I have a graph control and From and To Date. Now to provide the custom Validation Logic in this class we have to override the Is Valid method of Validation Attribute class and to make this class more generic, I have created a enum, which tells us what is the type of the validation I am going to use my Date Validation class.This article will explain how to apply server-side validation on a DOB selected by the user.Earlier articles clearly described how to calculate the age of the user but what if the user selects a date from the future!Earlier I had posted about So let's put 2 textboxes "txt From Date" and "txt To Date" and assign Date picker to it.With j Query UI Date picker, there is an event "on Select" which fires when any date is selected.

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