Updating pc bios

Normally, you'd better update your BIOS to the latest version.If your BIOS on laptop, desktop or notebook is outdated, corrupted, or broken, you will meet lots of problems, such as: However, updating BIOS on a computer is of risk, which may bring lots of issues. Value against “System Mode” will be your exact system model. To check the version of BIOS, power on the target system and tap repeatedly F1 or F2 for some models to go into BIOS setup. Connect the USB to the target system, power it on and keeping tapping F12 until you see the Boot menu.

To update your BIOS on your Lenovo computer/laptop, you will first have to check which version of BIOS is currently running on your system. Connect the USB you’re going to make bootable on another system you have access too. If F12 doesn’t’ works, it may be different for your model, you’ll have to check it from Lenovo’s website. If this guide didn’t work out for your model, do let us know and we will guide for your specific model.

Another good example of a BIOS manufacturer is Phoenix.

The BIOS includes instructions on how to load basic computer hardware and includes a test referred to as a POST (Power On Self Test) that helps verify the computer meets requirements to boot up properly.

However, if an incorrect update is installed or if the update process is interrupted, the motherboard can be permanently damaged, leaving the computer unable to boot.

It is recommended to update your BIOS only if one or more of the following conditions apply: The latest version of the BIOS is now installed on the computer.

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